• Live Edge Slabs

    We specialize in Giant Wood Slabs, but we do always carry live edge slabs of varying widths. Most of our slabs are 8'6" long and 2" thick. We can fill custom orders too! This Oak slab pictured is 32" wide!

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  • Dimensional Lumber

    When we get a log that we don't want to slab, we saw it for dimensional lumber. We get as much out of the log as we can. We cut both 1" and 2" thick lumber. These are some 2" Oak stair treads we did for a customer.

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  • Timber Frame Materials

    We custom mill large timber frame material out of Pine or Oak. We will source the logs, mill to your specifications, dry, and plane the lumber for your project. This picture is of some 21' long Pine beams!

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Find Large Wood Slabs in Southern Missouri

We carry Black Walnut slabs, Red Oak slabs, Cedar slabs, Cherry slabs, Sycamore slabs, and more. We are located in South Central Missouri, a short drive from Springfield, West Plains or Branson. We have a showroom in Mansfield, Missouri. You are welcome to schedule a time to come look at our inventory if you are local. We have had customers come from St. Louis and Kansas City which is only about a 3-3.5 hour drive. Local Pickup Only.