Custom Timber Frame Construction

We custom build post and beam timber framing trusses, as well as timber framing beams and materials for barns, homes, or commercial projects. We can work with your builder to custom design and engineer your timber frame home! This beautiful piece of art can be the centerpiece of your modern or industrial home, or a rustic farmhouse!

  • Timber Framing

    We can custom design and build various lengths of timber framing trusses using brackets to join them. This is a timeless building style perfect for any modern or industrial style home, or a rustic farmhouse!

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  • Mortise & Tenon

    Mortise & Tenon timber framing is a beautiful, historic way of joining beams and trusses. We can custom build different trusses with this design.

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  • Bridge Trusses

    We custom mill large timber frame material out of Pine or Oak. We will source the logs, mill to your specifications, dry, and plane the lumber for your project. This picture is of some 21' long Pine beams!

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  • Post & Beam Materials

    We can cut post & beam timber framing materials of just about any size. Pine is our go-to wood to use for this. It is durable, strong, easy to work with and takes stain well. Contact us today to ask about placing your custom order. We can also build out finished trusses.

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Custom Timber Framing

See some of our custom timber framing work. If you see something you like, but want it made a little differently, we can do that! If you don't see what you want, give us a call, tell us your ideas, and we will see what we can do!